Electric C-Arm Table with Top Slide

Electric C-Arm Table with Top Slide Manufactured by Operating Tables India


* This Electric sliding top O.T Table is suitable for all kinds of surgeries, i.e. general surgery, vascular surgery, cardio, neurology, urology, gynecology, proctology, laparoscopy, traumatic surgery, plastic surgery, and others.
* The base & column of the table is made of high-quality medical stainless steel (Grade – 304).
* Non- reflecting surface, antibacterial & easy to clean.
* We provide a top sliding of 5 inches back/forward.
* Height adjustment, Lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg and Flex – Reflex, Chair Position, and Longitudinal Sliding top are realized by Remote control.

Technical Specs:-
Length of Table 1900 mm
Width of Table Top 520 mm
Minimum Height (without Mattress) Min. 750 mm
Maximum Height (without Mattress) Max. 1000 mm
Trendelenburg 25°
Reverse Trendelenburg 25°
Lateral Tilt ±20°
Back Section ±70°
Head Section ±60°
Leg Section 0°-90°
Top Sliding 5″ Reverse & 5″ Forward
Floor Locking System Center Floor Locking

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Electric C-Arm Table with Top slides at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 
OTCA 115              Electric C-Arm Table with Top Slide


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